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Espanyol vs FC Barcelona Stats: A Rivalry Unveiled


In the electrifying world of football, rivalries are the lifeblood that pumps excitement into the hearts of fans. One such intense rivalry is the clash between Espanyol vs FC Barcelona Stats. To truly understand the dynamics of this historic face-off, we’ll delve into the statistics that define this battle on the pitch.

A Tale of Two Clubs

Espanyol and FC Barcelona are two of the most prominent football clubs in Catalonia, Spain. This rivalry is not just about football; it’s a reflection of regional pride and identity. Let’s break down the statistics that fuel this intense competition.

Historical Head-to-Head Stats

Total Matches Played

Since the inception of their rivalry, Espanyol and FC Barcelona have locked horns in a staggering number of matches. As of the last encounter, they have faced each other in 168 official matches.


In the win column, FC Barcelona dominates with a commanding lead. They have emerged victorious in 109 of these encounters, while Espanyol managed to secure a win in 22 matches. The remaining 37 games ended in draws.

Goal Galore

Goals are the essence of football, and in this department, FC Barcelona also enjoys a significant advantage. They have netted a remarkable 366 goals, while Espanyol has scored 132 goals in these matches.

Recent Form

Recent matches are often indicative of a team’s current strength. Over the last five meetings, FC Barcelona has won 3 matches, Espanyol clinched victory in 1, and 1 ended in a draw. This hints at a resurgence in Espanyol’s form.

Individual Records

Top Scorers

Lionel Messi and Raul Tamudo are the top scorers in this rivalry. Messi boasts an astonishing 26 goals, while Tamudo trails with 9 goals. These players have etched their names in the history of this rivalry.

Red Cards

Passion often spills over into aggression, and this rivalry has witnessed its fair share of red cards. In total, there have been 23 red cards shown in matches between these two teams.

Home and Away Stats

Home Advantage

Playing at home is an advantage that both teams cherish. FC Barcelona has secured 58 wins at home, while Espanyol has triumphed in 14 matches on their home turf.

Away Struggles

Espanyol’s away record against FC Barcelona is far from stellar, with only 8 wins. FC Barcelona, on the other hand, has managed to win 51 matches when visiting Espanyol’s stadium.


The Espanyol vs. FC Barcelona rivalry is a true spectacle, characterized by a rich history and intense competition. While FC Barcelona holds a statistical edge, the passion and unpredictability of football make every encounter a must-watch. As these two clubs continue to face off, football fans can expect thrilling matches filled with goals, drama, and, most importantly, an unending rivalry.


  1. What is the significance of the Espanyol vs. FC Barcelona rivalry? The rivalry goes beyond football; it’s a reflection of regional pride and identity in Catalonia.
  2. Who are the top scorers in this rivalry? Lionel Messi leads with 26 goals, followed by Raul Tamudo with 9 goals.
  3. How many red cards have been shown in matches between these teams? There have been 23 red cards in total.
  4. What is FC Barcelona’s home advantage like? FC Barcelona has won 58 matches at home against Espanyol.
  5. Can Espanyol overcome their away struggles against FC Barcelona? While challenging, Espanyol remains determined to improve their away record against FC Barcelona.

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