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How Old Was Yoda When He Died: Unveiling the Age of the Wise Jedi Master



How Old Was Yoda When He Died: In the vast and captivating universe of Star Wars, few characters have left an indelible mark as Yoda, the venerable Jedi Master renowned for his wisdom, skills, and unique speech patterns. One of the burning questions that fans often ponder is the age at which this extraordinary being passed away. Join us as we delve into the enigma surrounding Yoda’s lifespan and uncover the mysteries of his age at the time of his departure.

The Mysterious Jedi: Yoda’s Early Years

Yoda’s origins are veiled in mystery, making it challenging to pinpoint his exact age. Although it is unclear when and where he was born, records suggest that Yoda’s presence within the Jedi Order predates even the Clone Wars. This implies that he lived for centuries, accumulating unparalleled wisdom and mastery over the Force.

Yoda’s Role in the Galactic Events

As a revered Jedi Master, Yoda played an instrumental role in shaping the galaxy’s destiny. From training Jedi Padawans to leading the Order as Grand Master, Yoda’s influence extended far and wide. He was a key figure during the Clone Wars, offering strategic counsel and guidance to his fellow Jedi. Through his interactions with Anakin Skywalker and Luke Skywalker, Yoda’s wisdom continued to echo across generations.

Yoda’s Exile on Dagobah

After the rise of the Galactic Empire and the fall of the Jedi Order, Yoda went into exile on the remote planet of Dagobah. This period of solitude allowed him to preserve the Jedi teachings and the ways of the Force. During this time, Yoda encountered Luke Skywalker, initiating the young farm boy’s training in the ways of the Jedi.

Yoda’s Passing: Age Revealed

Yoda’s age at the time of his passing is a topic that has intrigued fans for decades. According to official sources, Yoda was born approximately 900 years before the Battle of Yavin, a pivotal event in the Star Wars timeline. This means that Yoda was around 900 years old when he faced his mortal end in “Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi.” His advanced age added weight to his character’s wisdom and experiences.

The Legacy of Yoda

Yoda’s legacy lives on through his teachings, his guidance, and his impact on the Star Wars narrative. He remains an emblem of the Jedi way, inspiring new generations of Force-sensitive individuals to seek enlightenment and balance. The iconic phrase “Do or do not, there is no try” encapsulates his philosophy and continues to resonate with fans worldwide.


Q1: Was Yoda the oldest living character in Star Wars?

No, Yoda was not the oldest character. Maz Kanata, a character introduced in the sequel trilogy, is older than Yoda.

Q2: Did Yoda age slower due to his species?

Yes, Yoda’s species was known to age at a slower rate compared to humans, which contributed to his remarkably long life.

Q3: How did Yoda die?

Yoda peacefully passed away on Dagobah, becoming one with the Force after living a full and purposeful life.

Q4: Are there any other known members of Yoda’s species?

As of now, Yoda’s species remains unnamed, and very little is known about other members of his kind.

Q5: Is Yoda’s species strong in the Force?

Yes, Yoda’s species is inherently strong in the Force, as demonstrated by Yoda’s exceptional abilities and longevity.


In the grand tapestry of Star Wars, Yoda’s age at the time of his passing is a subject of fascination. With an approximate age of 900 years, Yoda’s life was a testament to his enduring wisdom and the profound impact he had on the galaxy. His legacy continues to inspire, reminding us that even in the midst of a sprawling space opera, age is but a number in the presence of greatness.

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